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April we recognize national Sports Eye Safety Month

With the spring, along with often warmer weather, comes an increase in the number of eye injuries related to sports. Each season, many people, both young and old incur eye injuries as a result of sport play that could be averted with suitable protection and knowledge. Using proper eye protection while participating in sports is essential particularly in high-impact sports or those that expose you to the sun such as basketball, softball, lacrosse, racquetball, fencing, volleyball, or golf.

The majority of sports related eye accidents can be prevented by using the correct protective eyewear suited to the activity you are involved in. This will keep you injury-free and will often also have additional protection to minimize your exposure to harmful ultra-violet light for outdoor play. Eye wear made specifically for sports is designed especially to withstand common conditions. Regular glasses typically aren't adequate for full protection, which means that a small hit can become an actual sight-threatening injury.

Eye safety is more than just using the right eyewear. Eyesight is an essential part of how well you play sports, so you must have good vision. For those who already wear glasses, you might need protective sports glasses that have a prescription to make it easier to be safe. If you're fitted with contacts, you might require a slightly different lens than the lenses you use everyday. Contact your optometrist about the choices that are right for you.

All sports have different dangers and demands, so it's important to allow your eye care professional to identify your specific needs and suggest the right glasses or lenses to maximize your eyesight needs. This is key in helping you give you the boost that'll help you succeed and have fun safely.

Different sports include different needs and risks, so it's important to let your optometrist identify your unique needs and provide the right eyeglasses or lenses to maximize your visual skills. This will help you have the edge you need to excel and enjoy sports safety.